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Disappointment, euphoria after PLO Lumumba’s address to Supreme Court

Kenyans on Twitter had mixed reaction to the eloquent representation of the IEBC by renowned lawyer PLO Lumumba on Monday night.

Prof Lumumba ended the defence of the commission with a flourish language and on a high note, even earning the recognition of the Chief Justice David Maraga.

The CJ told the well-known orator : “Mr Lumumba, you were clear,” to which Prof Lumumba responded: “May the Lord bless you.”

The former director of the anti-corruption commission started off by telling the judges that: “The pleadings before you suffer from lack of focus and particularity.”

He also characterised the affidavits sworn by Mr Odinga and his team as full of hearsay and the case as built on stilts “that must collapse under the weight of evidence.”

But his apparent dismantling of the presidential petition by National Super Alliance left many either confused or disappointed for ‘dining with the devil’.

Others were, however, impressed by his eloquence.

Below are the 10 best reactions to his address:

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