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Desperation at KNH as mums sleep on floors

In a desperate bid to save lives Kenyatta National Hospital is now appealing to well-wishers to donate incubators as well as blood.

The hospital’s capacity has been stretched beyond limit as patients continue to troop in. The hospital’s management has decried the state and called on individuals and organisations to assist so as to avert looming crisis.

Currently there are only 15 incubators against a need of 60 babies who need special medical attention.

Dire situation

At least four babies are now sharing an incubator.

“The blood banks are fast running dry. Most of the people are in need of the various blood types. We urge people to donate blood,” said Mr Simon Ithai, the hospital’s Communication Manager.

Mr Ithai said there was an urgent need to address the health workers strike since many lives are at stake.

“The situation is bad.  We are running out of supplies. We also need food because the number of patients is increasing by the day and we stretched thin,” said Mr Ithai.

The Accident and Emergency Unit remains in dire situation as the number of patients has increased by over 50 per cent.

The maternity situation has grown from bad to worse; it is holding more than 110 mothers.

Many do not have beds and have to hang around during labour as others sit on the benches or sleep on the floor as they wait their turn to deliver.

Already eight mothers have had stillbirths after they arrived late.

KNH recalled all its medical practitioners and has hired others on a temporary basis as it seeks to handle the increasing mass of patients.

Doctors and nurses are working for 12 hours every day.  Patients will have to wait longer as health workers and government solve the stalemate.

Several County governments have advertised for positions as health workers are adamant to go back to work.