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Dennis Itumbi eats humble pie, apologises after Rachel Ruto goof

Digital, Innovations & Diaspora Communication Secretary Dennis Itumbi was forced to apologise on Wednesday after posting misleading photos of Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto.

His apology came just hours after he posted images of Mrs Ruto donating relief food to drought-stricken Turkana County.

The photos, taken five years ago, were meant to depict Mrs Ruto as responding to the current hunger crisis.

“I apologize for images I shared here earlier. Mama Rachel Ruto was not in Turkana. I relied on unverified images. This was my mistake and I am sorry. I have since deleted them. May the record reflect the true position and my apology too Jioni poa (Have a good evening),” Itumbi tweeted.

The photos showed Mrs Ruto next to a caravan full of foodstuffs and other supplies purportedly in the drought-hit Turkana and Baringo counties.

“A donation by Mama Rachel Ruto in aid of fellow Kenyans facing hunger in Turkana and Baringo,” wrote Itumbi.

Itumbi has since deleted the photos.