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Debunking coronavirus myths, fake news

It is now more than 20 days since Health CS Mutahi Kagwe confirmed the first coronavirus case in the country.

The crucial announcement caused anxiety in the country as Kenyans and other nationalities in Kenya started panic shopping.

Hand sanitisers ran out in minutes across major supermarkets, and for obvious reasons, the Covid-19 virus dies when exposed to soap and water and alcohol based sanitisers.

The government has since initiated strict measures to slow down the spread of the virus even as the numbers continue to rise drastically.

Currently 142 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Kenya.

The disease has disrupted the lives of millions of people wordlwide, but superstitious Kenyans have come up with myths about Covid-19.

From possible cures to infection probabilities, here are some of the few myths and fake news circulating about the fast spreading virus:

Black tea or Sturungi is the cure for coronavirus

This myth started spreading at the coast, which claims that minutes after a baby was born it spoke saying that Sturungi is the cure for coronavirus and died thereafter.

Coast dwellers then started taking black tea in plenty, especially persons who had not yet tested positive for the virus, saying prevention is better than cure.

People in Humid areas cannot get infected by the disease

Some reports claimed that it is unlikely for the Covid-19 virus to survive in high temperatures. However, this has been disproven as a number of persons in Mombasa and Kilifi (among cities having high and humid temperatures) tested positive for the virus.

Home-made remedies/garlic concoctions improves your immunity against Covid-19

It has not yet been scientifically proven that garlic and any other natural ingredient will keep Covid-19 at bay. In fact scientist are still searching for a vaccine. The best way to keep safe is to maintain social distancing and regular handwashing with soap and water.

Drinking alcohol kills the virus

This is a blatant lie, as coronavirus is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs and drinking alcoholic beverages doesn’t stop it.

Young People cannot Contract or Die from the Virus

Although reports say that a young person stands a better chance of fighting the disease when they receive the correct medical attention, the virus does not discriminate and any one can get infected and die.