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Deadlock at FKF, KPL talks

The Government initiated round table meeting between Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and Kenya Premier League (KPL) officials, to unlock a three-month stalemate between the two parties on the structure and management of the top flight competition, is nowhere near arriving at a solution.

Journalists have been locked out of the talks that are currently underway at the Southern Sun Hotel in Nairobi.

Earlier, FKF looked to have secured a slight advantage after the members present allowed FKF Chairman Sam Nyamweya to chair the talks.

No mediator is present as would normally be in such an event, but the place is guarded by about ten police officers.


“We have so far achieved nothing, there is no progress so far,” KCB FC Chairman George Odhiambo, who is also KPL’s finance committee boss told journalists.

Odhiambo and his Mathare United counterpart Bob Munro have in the meantime been spotted leaving the room in turns to smoke a cigarette.

The Government is reportedly following these event from a distance, amid reports that it is about to suspend football activities in the country, should the warring parties fail to agree on a way forward.

Also in attendance is KPL CEO Jack Oguda and representatives of the 18 top flight clubs.

Among the contentious issues is whether the league should be expanded from 16 to 18 teams this season, the entry of another player MP and Silva into the scene as a corporate partner plus KPL’s mandate of running the competition.