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Deadbeat back from the dead

Deatbeat Kenya administrator Jackson Njeru’s Facebook account has been restored after a suspension that lasted for a week.

The administrator who rubbed some people the wrong way, including politicians, when he posted photos and details of children they have allegedly neglected announced that the site administrators had reduced his suspension from a month to a week. This was the eighth suspension of the account this year.

“So, Mark the Zuckerman decided to reduce my FB “sentence” from a month to a week after his team reviewed the multiple complaints against me and found them to be malicious. Am now on the most watched list by FB administrators after only 8 suspensions this year,” read his first post after the suspension was lifted on Friday.

The account that he used to administrate the Deadbeat Kenya page and Buyer Beware group has been inactive since November 20 when the administrator suspended it following complaints by users.

“The people who are reporting my account are just being malicious, they do not want to see any good being done in the society,” said Njeru.


He added that he will continue updating the sites that have helped many people expose con-men and fathers who fail to meet their parental obligations.

“For me it is about the good and bad in the society as I am also educating people on different issues such as the most recent post on what to check before purchasing land,” said Njeru.

The Deadbeat Kenya group that had caused ripples in the country days after it was opened was suspended by Facebook and has not been restored to date.

Njeru said the group might be coming back once the administrators are done investigating whether it had any malicious intentions.

For now Njeru still posts photos of deadbeat fathers on the page that has over 80, 000 likes created after the group was suspended.