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Here are the daughters of Africa’s most powerful men – PHOTOS

African Presidents have been known to wield immense power and possess vast wealth. But little is known of their gorgeous looking daughters and their high levels of education to match.

President Paul Kagame’s daughter, Ange Kagame, may perhaps be the most popular in Kenya’s  socoal media circles owing to her gait and physic. But few have laid eyes on other gorgeous daughters of Africa’s strongmen.

Below are some of the first families’ daughters’ profiles.

Bona Mugabe


The 25 year old is the first child of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace. She studied finance at the City University of Hong Kong and currently works at a dairy firm in Mazowe, Zimbabwe.

She got married to a pilot in 2014 and is set to deliver the couple’s first baby this month.

Zahra Buhari

This 21 year old is a recent medical microbiology graduate of the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. She is perhaps the most controversial of the Buhari daughters, having been rumoured to have been dating a state governor who had divorced his aging wife, reports that the governor vehemently denied.

Sifa Kabila


The Congolese 15-year-old rarely appears in public. She was named after the country’s former first lady and is the first child of the President.

Anastasia Brenda Biya

The 18 year-old bears striking resemblance to her mother Chantal Biya who is arguably Africa’s most beautiful first lady. Brenda is very active on Instagram and Snapchat where she document’s her life as the first daughter including her kisses with her boyfriend.

Malika Bongo Odimba

She is the only daughter of Gabonian President Ali Bongo Odimba and his French wife Sylvia. The 32 year old is passionate about African women and is a rights activist in her own right.

Ange Kagame

She is the most popular first family daughter in Kenya, of course after our own Ngina. The 22 year old Smiths College graduate is sporty and enjoys basketball, a good one for her height.

Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini


The first child of the polygamous Swaziland King Mswati interestingly also takes part in the annual reed dance performed by half naked women. The 28 year old is a master’s graduate of digital communication from Sydney University.

Thuthukile Zuma

The 26 year old is the youngest of President Jacob Zuma’s daughters and is an anthropology graduate from the University of Witwatersrand. She made headlines after becoming the youngest government appointee to work as the chief of staff of the department of telecommunications and postal services.

Ngina Kenyatta


Our very own Ngina completes the list with her striking resemblance to first lady Margaret Kenyatta. The 25 year old leads a low key life since her father was elected president and photos of her clubbing were leaked on social media.