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FRANK MIDEGA: Dating shows are an indication of a gullible society

Nairobi should be the melting pot of diverse culture and lifestyle.

When you walk in the streets what immediately hits aside the conspicuously ultra red lipsticks most ladies nowadays wear, is the endless and intolerable beauty on nubile and fair ladies’ faces.

Intolerable is a good thing. There’re nearly as many ladies as men in Nairobi, so what does it point to that some people would find meeting and gelling well with a lady absolutely impossible?

Apparently, aside Facebook, finding someone who is amiable is proving to be a Chinese puzzle.

Otherwise, why would a normal person submit to a project that would attract as much derision as the chair of any election-related body in Kenya? Programmes are basically meant for entertainment.

At what point does one transition his private life into an entertainment entity? When you go onto a dating programme, you implicitly subscribe to public ridicule.

Whoever features in such is more gullible than a NGO trying to hold a rally on prophylactics in Vatican.

How honest could one really be with the knowledge that half a nation, or at least half of Nairobi (not official statistics) is watching his every move.

Why would one consciously submit to a project where deception is obviously the propellant of the game?

Tell-tale sign

Perhaps this is a tell-tale sign of a people who are relying a tad too much on Internet engagements that finding proper acquaintances under what would be considered convectional ways is rendered knotty?

It would appear that people spend more time clicking on instead of developing actual links with faces.

How many have engaged with persons who happen to be rumbling witticism factories, only to meet in person someone totally meek and bland.

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