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Crime down by 70pc in Dandora

Crime has been drastically reduced in Dandora as efforts to beef up security went a notch or two higher.

Crime, in the area commonly referred to as ‘D’ , has gone down by 70 per cent, thanks to a community policing system similar to the yet-to-be implemented Nyumba Kumi initiative, said Assistant County Commissioner Andrew Kimani.

In the system, the area was demarcated into courts, complete with gates and manned around the clock.

Through cooperation between the community and the local administration, it had become easy to identify and arrest criminals, Mr Kimani said.

Landlords and tenants contributed money to hire local youths to keep vigil since they could easily identify strangers.

“This has reduced suspicion among residents. People can now walk freely without fearing attacks,” Mr Kimani said.

Though the idea was mooted in 2011, it was not until last year that it was taken seriously when it became clear that Dandora was slowly turning into a crime zone.

Cases of violent robbery, murders, rape and muggings had become too common.

For example, a group of youths entered the Pefa North Church in Dandora Phase IV at night, stole the church music instruments and raped some women who were attending a night vigil in February last year.


The gang used to steal in broad daylight and get away. Three months later, on May 26, 2013 the thugs struck at the Healing and Reconciliation Ministry Church at around 1.30pm, stole valuables and threatened the congregation with a gun.

In the same month the gang struck again at the Light of Zion Church at 4pm and took away tithe money and mobile phones. 

They also tried to steal a vehicle belonging to a worshipper who had visited the church to no avail.

“They entered the church and threatened us with a gun. They told the lady to hand over her car keys, to which she obliged. They, however, were unable to start the car. They took the money I had and our mobile phones,” said Light of Zion pastor Catherine Mburu.

It was the third time they had raided the Light of Zion church in 2013. Previously they had robbed the pastor just a few days after making away with the church’s electronics and chairs.

Dandora Phase IV Assistant Chief Peter Mburu said: “From September 2013, the rate of crime went down after serious deliberations and implementation of the court system.” 

He said by the end of last year, there were barely any killings, unlike in the previous years when there were about four murders every month. Mr Mburu said there had been no killings since beginning of January.