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Couple’s hope for twins ends in agony at Pumwani

A couple’s hopes for a twin bundle of joy were cruelly shattered after the baby boys died at Pumwani Maternity Hospital in controversial circumstances.

Jacinta Wanjiku, 24, was rushed to Pumwani Maternity Hospita lfrom their Kariobangi South home on January 5 by her husband Dedan Kimathi.

The two already have another child, a daughter who turns six this year and were expecting to welcome a double addition into their family. But, it was not to be.


An inconsolable Wanjiku is now crying foul after hospital told her that she has stillbirths.

“The contractions were intense and I delivered the first child. They told me he had breathing problems. Shortly after, the second one came and I heard his cry. But now, they are telling me that both my babies are dead.”

Pumwani Hospital’s chief executive officer, Dr Lazarus Omondi Kumbi however maintains that the twins were dead at birth.

“The babies had already died in the womb. Their skin was peeling off. In fact, we did not know she was carrying twins as she did not have any records or scans to state this. It is possible the babies died more than 12 hours before their delivery,” he said.

The hospital boss says the cry Wanjiku heard could have been that of another baby in the labour ward and not her own.

The initials, MCB (macerated stillbirth) are scribbled on a white sheet of paper in Wanjiku’s pink medical file.

This means that the fetus had died and their skin softened and disintegrated because of prolonged exposure to the womb’s amniotic fluid.


Asked whether medics conducted tests on Wanjiku upon admission to determine the nature of her pregnancy, Dr Omondi said those were facts Wanjiku ought to have found out at her antenatal clinic and not at the time of delivery.

Mr Kimathi, who had rushed for some errands in town during the delivery of his sons, is distraught over the turn of events.

“I had spoken to my wife and she told me she had delivered twins only to get here and be told that my sons were dead.

“I demanded to see the babies but I was told that whoever was responsible was away and I only go to see them today (yesterday). I am confused as to what happened,” he said.