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Couple fights for their daughter’s body from son-in-law

A family in Thika is embroiled in a dispute with a Nigerian national who has been living with their daughter who died last month.

Ms Maureen Muthoni, 31, died in September 2019 at Nairobi Hospital where she was receiving treatment for pneumonia complications.

Efforts by the family to bury her remains have proved futile as the alleged husband Charles Enedo blocked them.

Mr Enedo who is also a Swedish citizen claims that the deceased was his wife.

“The man has never visited us and we are not aware that he was the one who was living with our daughter,” Lydiah Nyamuathi, Muthoni’s mother lamented.

According to her, the hospital and mortuary bill at Umash Funeral home had shot up to Sh2 million which was so expensive for the family to pay.

Ms Nyamuathi said that the two ran a tour and travel company and had two children.

“She had always been a good daughter who worked very hard but she changed after meeting this man.” said the mother.

According to the family, they last saw their daughter alive in December 2018 when she was admitted at Karen Hospital.

However, after she was discharged from hospital, the husband locked them out of his home and did not want them to visit.