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Brand new look for toilets in city centre

Nairobi county government is set to rebrand all public toilets within the city centre.

The rebranding will be for both the privately managed toilets and those managed by the county.

Interim County secretary Lilian Ndegwa said the decision in intended for the public know that all public toilets are facilities of the county government.

“Some public toilets, especially those managed by the county, were not in a good condition and so we decided to rebrand all public toilets including the Iko toilets because they also a property of the county although managed privately,” she said.

Ms Ndegwa also announced that leases of some toilets managed by the Iko Toilet had expired in June last year and new bids were advertised last December.

She said it is a requirement for all public toilets within the county to have the green and yellow colors of the Nairobi county government as well as the logo.

The privately managed Iko toilets were introduced in 2008 by Ecotact whose aim was to end the problem of poor public toilet management by the city council and also to curb shortage of toilets within the city.

The firm is in charge of ten public toilets, while the county government manages ten others.