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County gives public toilets a new look

The county Government is rebranding public toilets in the city, a move it also says will lead to improvement of service.

And the scope of the exercise is not only limited to those it is managing, but also extends to those it has leased out to private managers.

The interim county secretary Lilian Ndegwa said the  decision was arrived at, to make the public know that all public toilets are county government facilities.

“Some toilets, especially those managed by the county were not in a good condition and so we decided to rebrand all public toilets, including the Iko toilets because although managed privately, they also belong to the county,” she said

Iko toilets, referred to above is a brand that has been running several of the public rehabilitated toilets since 2008.

Ms Ndegwa said the leases to some of the toilets  managed by the firm had  expired in June last year and  the county was looking for people to run them.

“All prospecting managers will have to maintain the proper sanitation standards,” she said.

According to the Secretary, there are ten toilets in the city under the management of the county government. A similar number, she said, is managed privately.

The toilets that have been rebranded now spot the green, yellow and white colours. The  county logo has also been painted in each to go with the eye-catching colours.