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Police officers filmed using civilian accomplices to collect bribes for motorists – VIDEO

A video has emerged online showing the perhaps what could be the new method devised by traffic police officers to collect bribes from motorists without being personally implicated.

In the video, two traffic police officers are seen working together with civilians to collect bribes from Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV).

All the officers have to do is to flag down PSV vehicles while for their civilian accomplices jump in and pocket the bribe from the touts.

They then alight and hand over the cash to the officers.

According to Fred Ndanga, who shared the clip on his Twitter handle, the video was taken by a cousin of his who drives a commuter bus operating along the Outering-Manyanja road.


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The cousin says that his vehicle was stopped by the road side because they were not willing to give money to the civilian assigned by the traffic officer.

“My cousin was stopped because he was not cooperative, and that is when they had the opportunity to record the two traffic police officers. These people have now resorted to working with civilians so as not to be caught in the act,”

The traffic police officers hire people they can trust especially the ones who hang around bus stations. The motorists operating on that particular route are then introduced to this person who will solely be the one collecting the money.

The National Police Service contacted Mr Ndaga and after giving them all the information they told him that they would follow it up.

This comes in the wake of public outrage following the emergence of video showing a traffic police officer demanding a bribe from a motorist.

The National Police Service later announced that the police officer, identified as Corporal Jared Ogutu, would face stern disciplinary action.