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Container craze catches up with Eastlands


Traders are coming up with new ways of making use of the available little space. And they are adopting the use of containers.

Many are buying the metallic containers as they are strong, durable, secure and can fit in a small space. Others who cannot afford to buy them are renting them.

“Containers provide the needed security as it is not easy to break into one. The stock inside is also safe even during rains,” said Mr Mugo Ngumi who sells containers in Makadara.

The new owners at times partition the containers and rent the other rooms out.

“It is upon the owner to look for the person who can do the partitioning and adding doors and windows to the container,” Mr Ngumi added.

Low rent

The containers are usually bought in Mombasa and their prices vary. They come in two sizes; 20-foot and the 40-foot.

“For a 20-foot container, the price ranges between Sh190,000 and Sh200,000 but the 40-foot container goes for Sh350,000,” he added.

The smaller containers are preferred by clients, probably because of their lower price. It is also easy to transport them.

Compared to conventional rooms and market stalls, the rent for a compartment in a container is lower.

“I opted for a container because it is cheaper and secure. If I had gone for a room in a building, I would be paying a monthly rent of Sh12,000. For this one, it is only Sh8,000,” said Arnold Kariuki from Donholm.