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Computer is Imani’s best friend after classwork

For most youths, hanging out with friends seems the natural thing to do after office hours or college.

But Manyara Imani attends lectures and still burns the midnight oil writing programme codes.

Imani, 23, has chosen to be different, interacting more with his computer than peers.

While at it, he earns money from innovations he said are inspired by things around him and his risk-taker nature.

He said he finds social life boring and would rather play around with stuff on the laptop or go out and do some creative photography.

“I post the photos on ‘flickr’, my website and other photography platforms,” said Imani, adding that he takes pictures to understand creation and nature.

The IT student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is the brain behind a number of computer programmes that offer solutions to everyday life.

One of them is Georgi RealManager, a programme that uses the latest web technologies to offer landlord a platform to efficiently manage their businesses while maximising on time and profits.

Landlords who install the software are able to transact business online, including signing agreements, addressing tenants’ queries, accepting payment and issuing receipts.

“I got inspiration to develop the software after watching my uncle going in and out of court following fake allegations by sinister tenants,” he said.

The programme offers a backup system for referencing. He has sold 60 licences to clients across the globe but none in Kenya.

“The problem here is that people are hesitant to embrace new technology. I have tried marketing my idea to potential clients in vain,” he said.

Imani funds his own projects.