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Common female names in Kenya

According to a recent research on Kenyan names done by Ipsos Synovate, these are the common first names among women;
1.Mary – It’s the commonest name in the country according to the respondents picked as the study sample.
2. Mercy The name was ranked as the second common name in the country.
3. Caroline – Commonly abbreviated to form a nick name Caro, the name was ranked third.
4. Elizabeth – Liz as the respondents said is their preferred nick name was ranked fourth among the common female names.
5. Jane – This was the fifth name in the ranking.
6. Maureen – Ranked sixth the name is common among women aged 21-15.
7. Ann – The respondents said Anny was the preferred nick name for this seventh most popular name.
8. Esther – The name was ranked eight among common names for women in the country.
9. Lillian – It was ranked ninth among popular female names and the respondents said Lilly was their preferred nick name.
10. Faith – Fay closed up the top ten most popular female names in the country by being ranked at number ten.