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Comedian Eric Omondi to turn parodies into full movies

Comedian Eric Omondi is on a roll with his latest parody projects Saratina and The Gods Are Not Crazy, which continue to gain traction on social media.

He is planning on turning the two into full movies.

Omondi teamed up with friend and fellow comedian Chipukeezy to shoot the parodies of the top South African films, Sarafina and The Gods Must Be Crazy.

“There is much more on the way. Both Saratina and The Gods Are Bot Crazy will eventually be shot as full movies. The endgame is to bring something new and fresh into the industry; to sell Kenyan comedy internationally,” he told Showbuzz.

Fans have been making fun of Omondi for his choice of wardrobe on the eight-minute, 40-second long video in which he wears only a flap covering his front and backside but shows a glimpse of his derriere.

However, for the comedian, it is all fun and laughter.

“The African behind was always out and it was never an issue before the white man came here. Plus, I wanted to give Vera Sidika competition,” the comedian joked.