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Comedian Chebet Ronoh candidly addresses depression rumours

Comedian and content creator Chebet Ronoh has come out to address allegations that she is undergoing depression.

Opening up on her YouTube channel, Ronoh allayed the circulating reports saying she is perfectly fine.

However, the comedian felt that her fans believed she is in depression just because she decided to choose herself over everyone else.

“First, I think we need to understand what depression is, and I feel it really sucks if you are just being you or just experiencing whatever phase you are going through in life and people are constantly telling you, ‘you are not okay, I can tell you are not doing okay.’ Sis, you don’t even know me,” she said.

“No, I’m not depressed. I just got to a point in my life I chose myself, and I began to make decisions for myself because, in the past, I was used to depending on people. Constantly checking with them if what I was doing was okay, and I realized I should have been asking myself. In any situation, I am not depressed, let it be known that I am not depressed, I am very fine,” Rono added.

On being compared to comedian Elsa Majimbo, she indicated that it was the least of her worries as everyone had their own race to run.

“A lot of people compare me with Elsa… I did understand it at the beginning because it’s the industry and people are going to compare you… It sucks instead of people looking at this person as she was able to do things that people who have been in the industry haven’t done…. the last thing you want to do is compare,” she opined.