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Colonel Mustafa: I’m a changed man

When they first ventured into the music scene as the the Deux Vultures, all seemed well for the duo of Daudi Mustapha alias Colonel Mustafa and Nasty Thomas.

They had instant hits like Mona Lisa, Katika and Kinyaunyau earning them a fair share of popularity amongst the fans.

But the fame that came about with these great hits couldn’t cement the survival of the group, with Nasty Thomas dying out from the music scene while Mustafa tried to revive his comeback this time as a solo artiste which you cannot deny has been successful.

Fame, as they say, comes with a price, and indeed Mustafa has paid a lot of it, as his name was associated with controversy both in and out of stage.


From unwarranted hostility towards some fellow artistes to noisy breakups, he became a household name to fans both for good and wrong reasons.

But now that seems to have worn him out and it seems like the hit maker wants out, a U-turn he has decided to take after realising that maturity is knocking and that the time to get serious with life is now.

“I’ve found this amazing woman and we are in a relationship that will definitely lead to marriage. I don’t want to mess that up,” he says.

Colonel Mustafa. PHOTO | FILE
Colonel Mustafa. PHOTO | FILE

It is a change that is conspicuous in his latest hit, Panga Pangua, quite a contradiction to his previous hit, Dodoma Singida that was allegedly banned amid claims of a huge amount of nudity.

“This song basically talks about a girl who stands by her man through all and this lady I am talking about inspired this as she stood by me giving a deaf year and a blind eye to all the negative rumours about me on social media,” he says.

Q: There are people who think this drastic change means the half naked women in your videos are also done. Is that it?

A: I can’t give such blanket statements when it comes to that. My videos will always contextualise with the lyrics and so if they require a certain environmental setting then that’s exactly what I am going to do. If you understand the content of the song you will appreciate that video.

Let me simplify it further, Dodoma and Singida are two Tanzanian cities and in Tanzanian slang when used together these words to describe a woman’s rare end. For this reason there is no way I could have shot a video with women wearing veils. That was a perfect setting!

Q: Then does this means you don’t agree with the criticisms of the video?

A: Not at all! There is a lot of hypocrisy in that some musicians have hidden their true characters perhaps by singing gospel music. I don’t want to be that! If I have to be judged then let it be by being my self. But I was perturbed to find out that here people see nothing wrong with watching the likes of Nicky Minaj but they have a problem with this video.

Q: Then what sort of change exactly should fans brace themselves for?

A: My attitude and my behaviour have changed but my talent still remains the same. I have changed in terms of drinking. I drink less and also I am no longer into the habit of dating multiple women at once. That’s the only change they should expect.

Q: But you had some ‘major’ change after your split with Marya. Does this mean that fans should brace themselves for a change every time you fall into a relationship crisis?

A: To be honest people have never understood me. That time I didn’t change. This is the first time I am making such an announcement. As for now I am mature and in case, God forbid, that happens I will know how to handle things quietly without my dirty linen finding itself in the media.