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Joho’s troubles deepen as Marwa now moves to contain the embattled governor

The coast regional coordinator, Nelson Marwa, has warned Mombasa governor Hassan Joho to keep his politics in Mombasa and not to interfere with other counties.

Marwa made the remarks after planned ODM rallies in Kinango and Lunga Lunga in Kwale County were disrupted on Thursday.

According to media reports, the disruption of the rallies came after it emerged that the Mombasa governor would be in attendance.

Police had said that they had received orders to make sure the meeting did not proceed due to security reasons.

“If you are in Mombasa keep your politics in Mombasa. Don’t interfere with Kwale, Lamu, don’t remind people the slavery our ancestors went through by calling yourself sultan,” said Mr Marwa.

His remarks elicited mixed reaction from Kenyans on Twitter.