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CNN Journalist of the Year roughed up by President’s men

This Friday afternoon, CNN Journalist of the Year winner Joseph Mathenge was roughed up by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security men as he attempted to take pictures of an event which the president attended.


The president had paid a courtesy visit to the Miss Tourism contestants at the KICC, who are doing a major rehearsals for the main gala next weekend.

According to Mr Mathenge, three of the men who have been helping the ladies from different counties rehearse, were thrown out of the venue as well.

“The president’s security men did not care to find out who was supposed to be at the venue, they were just uncouth,” Mathenge said.

The president was having lunch at Tin Tin restaurant, inside KICC, after a meeting, when he decided to say hello to the pageants representatives, said Mr Mathenge.