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Claims of kidnap, murder, tribal rivalry in Eastleigh rent fight

In the sprawling semi-formal settlement of Eastleigh in Nairobi County, a simple tenancy dispute has mutated into an ugly feud, with accusations of kidnap, murder and tribally-inspired revenge.

Ms Rahama Alio Harrow has had a rough 2018. In January, she says her landlord, Mr Warsame Abdi Yussuf, ordered her out of the house she had occupied since November 2017, giving her just five minutes to pack up and go.

She resisted and fought him in court, winning an extension on the eviction. A month later, her two teenage daughters went missing, and two months after that her first-born son, in his 20s, also went missing, together with the family’s car, a dark grey Toyota Wish.

How did this happen and who is to blame? When landlord Yussuf attempted to evict Harrow, he cited non-payment of rent and termed her problematic.

Harrow, on the other hand, said she was singled out because she is Borana, while Yussuf wanted only his Somali kin to occupy the apartments.

SOURCE: Daily Nation

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