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City women tease male friends with sex offers, share results on Facebook

A popular Facebook group has for the last few days been the arena where Nairobi women compare results of their offers for sex to male friends.

It’s a fun challenge that started after members of the Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums group agreed to send sex offers to their best male friends via text and later to compare responses by sharing screenshots on the group.

The suggestive message that was to be shared by all women to their male best friends was, “Hey, I wanna give you some p****”

The responses they got were as shocking as they were hilarious.


In most of the cases, the male friends were excited by the sex proposals claiming to have been friend zoned for too long.

“You okay? Okay come will be kwa crib by 5….damn,” read one of the responses shared.

“Are you for real? Coz you know I’ve been queuing here forever,” read another.

“Say whaat??Did I read that well,” wrote another

“Weeeeh today you are talking, hizo siku zingine hukuwa unaongea,” another response read.

“This sounds like a trap,” read another.

“You should have come on Sunday,” retorted another in his response.

“Is this some type of a joke?” questioned one best friend in his response.

Another wrote; “When? Been waiting forever.”

Another posed; “Your phone has been stolen by your boyfriend?”

Here are the screenshots.