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City women offer guide to men on what to avoid on that first date

City women spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon sharing their own personal experiences on what led them to not go on a second date with some men.

A netizen challenged other online users in a closed Facebook group to mention the “one thing a man did on a date that made you know that there was not going to be a second one”.

“What did someone do on a first date that made you know it’s a No?” asked the online user.


Netizens were more than happy to share their experiences on what qualified as a deal breaker when on a first time date.

“Alikula food mob hadi mimi ndio nikaanza kutapika….i looked at him and imagined how i’d spend the rest of my days cooking for him…nika ji excuse ati kuna emergency na hivo ndo nilimblock hadi wa leo,” said one online user.

“He was asking me out around 8. He said’can you take a mat to westlands? Told him.. Naah felicia. I can’t, it’s late. Go through all that hustle for who???!! Pick me up, send uber or. Bye,” wrote another online user.

“Hehehe he came tipsy and then excused himself to go to the washroom and he took half an hour and he came back drunk as hell. Alikuwa ameenda chuom kulewa juu KC ya restaurant ilikuwa expe,” commented another online user.

“Kuanza kuongea ujinga,eti “my bro alipata job mandera akaanza kuwa na wasichana wasomali akafukuzwa,then amezaa,”, I was like,siku hizi wanaume huzaa, he had ordered nyamchom niliikula mbiombio then nikaita Boda ndio huyo Mimiiiii mtoto wa kiruka kissiii county pole sana can’t be with a stupid man,” commented one online user.


“He ordered for chips when his friends were ordering ugali, fish, githeri, mukimo, dude ordered for chips and sausage. I don’t like men who eat junk food, petty I know but… Lol,” said another online user.

“Phone addiction, I snatched the phone kept it and told him that I need his attention. And told him that I also have my own phone and people to chat with but kept it aside because I wanted to give his damn ass my attention too. I returned the phone when we were leaving. I got what I wanted! To be heard,” replied one online user.

“Kuniitishia meal n drinks lyk seriously who does dat??Is he ma stomach??waitd 4 the meal aftr zilifka nkaitisha yngu n i tld him wil catr 4 ma bill nkt,” said another online user.

“He ordered tea nikashindwa niitishe nini then I said am ok… but now the first sip ffffrrrrrr mchamcha waah was really embarrassed,” wrote another online user.

“He called his mom like…..hello mom, yes ndio tumepatana, yes, ok, I love yu too”. I asked why he said yee na mamake hawafichanangi anything. Aliona picha yako akaipenda kuliko wengine wote ndo nimekuja”. I ate my lunch slowly, called a friend to crush, we ate and got drunk until 10pm. Mom was writing n texting all along. I went home and texted back … you can marry your mom,” said another online user.


“I prepared breakfast for both of us nikapaka blueband my 2 slices of bread after a bite nkaenda kitchen kidogo coming back nigga alikua amemaliza bread yote na thermos iko almost empty….ivo ndio tulimalizana huyu atamalizia watoto wetu chakula,” said one online user.

“A guy calls me and invites me for a cup of coffee…si Mimi I honoured the invite, only to be taken into a club!! But then I still went along, so one two, three bottles for the evening. And some catching up…only to notice that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself…tena in public..yaani the places he was reaching for kwanza!! I felt disrespected, even after a few warnings!! Alafu anaanza kusema ati “si wewe no bibi yangu sasa” like WTF man!” said another online user.

“I can drop u home my beast is just around here,” said one online user.

“Tumeenda date after eating anachukua toothpick alafu anaanza zile za mxxcii mxxcii iliisha tu ivo,” said another online user.