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City women have a crush on DPP Haji and they aren’t keeping quiet

Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji is known for his no nonsense character and passion to fight corruption in the country.

But that is not what is making him popular on the streets of social media.

Mr Haji appeared on JKL Live on Wednesday and Nairobi women took time to scrutinize his looks every time the cameras zoomed on him.

The verdict of the scrutiny then took a day to simmer in their heads before being announced.

Women in the Facebook private group ‘Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums‘ have unanimously knighted Mr Haji into the legion of Nairobi hunk men.

“Msijifanye hamjaona hii kitu mzuri..The way he roll his eyes and lips when talking…GaaaDaaamn boy gonna kill in a good way..!Who be the side dish ya huyu haki…Sharing is caring..!” wrote an online user on the group.

Others commented on his handsome looks, including his ‘bedroom eyes’ and ‘kissable lips’.

Here are some of what they had to say.

“His Eyes (followed by an emoji with love hearts on its eyes),” said an online user.

“Am glad si mimi peekee,” admitted another online user.

“Admin should add him here. kwani iko nini..!” suggested an online user.

“This guy is fine,” commented another online user.

“Fatha laaawd this boy showld finished me yesterday,” said another online user.

“Nilikuwa nimebakisha kulamba screen I rarely watch Jeff but jana…I had too,” wrote an online user.

“kumbe sikumcrashia pekeyangu … macho na lips ndio niliona na kuguza tie romantically,” said an online user.

“Is he married?” asked another online user.

“Don’t forget he is just 45 years very energetic and has a right of marrying as many as possible,” suggested an online user.