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City widow seeks justice after husband was thrown out of moving KBS bus – PHOTOS

A widow is crying for justice after her husband was thrown out of a moving bus along Mombasa road.

Sheila Wanyanga Chieng, 28, claims her husband Christopher Ochieng, 32, was in a Kenya Bus Service (KBS) vehicle registration number KBB 652G and lost his life on Friday evening after being pushed out of the moving bus.

The mother of one narrated to Nairobi News how a friend of her husband was called to the scene and told by passengers that the bus conductor had pushed out his friend after he complained that the vehicle had not stopped at the stage he was supposed to alight at.


The incident happened a few metres from Shell petrol station on Mombasa road where the deceased was supposed to alight.


“I was informed by our friend who fortunately recorded the passengers as they were narrating what had happened as the conductor tried to cover up. I want this matatu madness to end with my husband’s unfortunate death, the crews should treat customers with respect,” said Ms Chieng.

The deceased lived at KPA South C with his wife and son aged two and was heading to Shell to meet a friend.

A postmortem report of the deceased given to the family revealed that he “broke his ribs, spleen and liver shattered and had internal bleeding in his head near the brain”.

The KBS management has, however, in a statement, refuted the widow’s claims stating that it was an aggrieved passenger who threw the deceased out of the moving bus.



The company’s managing director Edwin Mukabana stated that the information from passengers was that the deceased was confronted by a passenger for opening the door while the bus was still in motion letting in cold.

According to the statement, the deceased refused to close the door leading to a war of words between the two.

The deceased, he claims, then abused the other passenger prompting the passenger to push him out of the bus, which ran him over.

“Immediately the bus came to a stop and after realizing what had happened, the passenger who had pushed Mr Otiende got off the bus and ran away and disappeared into the night. Some passengers tried to run after him but they could not catch up,” stated Mr Mukabana.

The deceased’s family and friends are now calling for justice and the man who pushed their kin to his death to be arrested and prosecuted.

The Nairobi News has reached out to Nairobi police boss for a comment.