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City mums want to know this woman’s secret to young looks – PHOTOS

Nairobi mums have flocked the Instagram account of a 40-year-old woman to discover the secrets to her stunningly young looks.

Kienya Booker, a mother of three, has lit up the internet with her age-defying looks.

She lives in Canada and has been sharing photos of herself and her daughters. Many users have struggled to differentiate her from her daughters.

Kienya, a naturalista who runs a beauty YouTube page, spots her curly hair most of the time, a trend that the daughters have followed. Her daughters are Kolieya and K’Lienya Smith.

In their photos, the mother and daughters look like siblings.

Nairobi mums flooded Kienya’s Instagram page with requests for tips on how to get such girlish looks .

The mother loves using the #meandmydaughters hashtag in her photo captions.

Here are photos of mum and daughters. Figure out who the mum is and share the results on our Facebook page.

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