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Lucky passenger narrates horrific encounter with matatu robbers

A Nairobi mum has narrated how alighting a matatu before getting to her destination and praying saved her from being robbed.

The mother of three narrated her ordeal online explaining how she boarded a CBD bound matatu from Mlolongo and at Belevue stage, five men boarded and one sat next to her.

She started suspecting the men’s intention when one of them dropped coins and asked her to help him retrieve them, a request she ignored.

Another man who boarded the matatu with the other four went on to ask her to close the window saying there was a boda boda riders demonstration along Mombasa road.

She ignored the man but it was when she spotted a gun on her seatmate’s waist that she started praying silently.

“The guy who previously had said he had dropped money on our seat came and sat behind us, is signaling his friends about my silver earrings but little did he know I can see their actions through my glasses, I turned and at looked my neighbor firmly, zile za am ready for this now, he stood up and went to another seat,” wrote the mother of three.


It was at that point that another male passenger who had boarded the matatu at Mlolongo came and sat next to her.

“He sat next to me looking terrified and asked ‘are you sensing what am sensing’ I acted like a fool, I asked ‘sensing what?’ he told me these guys are thieves I told him I have even reached am going to church and he also stood up we both alighted. He told me ‘mum mimi sio mwizi pia mimi laptop yangu ndio ilikuwa inafuatwa,’ I kept quiet. the 5 niggas alighted at the next stage, I told the man don’t move, we are in danger, start praying, the guys were coming towards us but all of a sudden they stood shocked looking at us then they looked confused and they decided to cross the road, tuko hapo Nyayo sasa,” narrated the female passenger.

The two narrated their ordeal to boda boda riders at the stage who told them the men use witchcraft and resort to gun when overpowered.

“We boarded the next matatu and as we are chatting the conductor told us those guys operate around that area that we are very very very lucky, I told him Tithers are covered people, he said enyewe, I believe in the covenant of tithing, I believe it could have turned out badly but God rebuked the devourer, those prayers that we say in the morning, they really availeth much, am safe, am safe, am alive. God is indeed our protector, they used juju but the power of God silenced their powers properly. To God be the glory,” She concluded her narration.

Cases of robbers using the dropping of coins and other tricks have in the past been reported in Nairobi matatus.