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City MP explains how these goats ended up in a police post in Umoja estate

A photo shared on Friday by Embakasi West MP George Theuri of a herd of goats at a police post in Umoja 1 has excited Kenyans online.

In the picture shared at a group account on Facebook, the handful of goats gathered at the entrance of the police station as if waiting to be attended to.

The MP made a light remark on the incident, saying of how amused he was after finding the animals at the post.


He also warned residents to appreciate that animals have rights.

“Today as I was doing my rounds I was amused to see this in one of my NGCDF projects. Umoja 1 police post….

“Pia wanyama wanajua kupiga reporti so if you come across animals they know they too have rights. Ukiwakosea usishangae wakikustaki.”…… Swag na usalama mtaani,” posted Theuri.