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City MCA confesses that she has no clue what’s her job in county assembly – VIDEOS

Nairobi MCA Mary Njambi has made the shocking admission that she has no clue about her role as a nominated MCA.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo, Ms Njambi detailed how the nomination came as a surprise to her.When she asked about the job description, she was told she will learn on the job.

Ms Njambi,  now popularly referred to as Mapiripiri after the drama leading to the eviction of former Speaker Beatrice Elachi from office, said she was notified of her nomination just three days to the swearing in ceremony.

“Akaniambia wewe uko nominated, waah nilishindwa, nominated aje? Nikauliza, na kazi ya nominated ni gani? Akaniambia utajua tu,” she said during the interview.

Ms Njambi went on to get sworn in for a job that she knew little about.

“Sasa mimi sijui, nominated ni kazi gani? It was on Friday tulikuwa tuapishwe on Monday,” she added.

Asked to comment on the recently introduced 8% VAT on petroleum products,  her answer left the show’s presenters Gidi and Ghost in stitches.

“Hio kwa county haikukuja lakini kama ingekuja, hio tungesaidia. Tungetetea wananchi tuseme hapa haikuenda vizuri. Si ilikuwa 16 per cent, wakairudisha bunge ikakuja 8 per cent, ingefika kwa ma-MCA ingekuwa 4 per cent,” she said.