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City man seeks Sh380K to pay hospital bill for wife who died after accident – PHOTOS

A Nairobi man is seeking help to offset the hospital and mortuary bills for his wife who died while receiving treatment after tragic road accident in Ongata Rongai.

David Otieno’s wife, Josephine Vero Nasimiyu succumbed to injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital after being involved in a matatu accident on December 8.

Strangely, Vero appeared to have had a premonition of her death when she posted on Facebook six months ago a lighthearted message to her friends and family, asking them not to let her lie in the mortuary for long when she dies.


The post that has been haunting her husband to hasten fundraising efforts so that her body can be released from Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary.

Vero got involved in an road accident after the driver of a matatu she was travelling in overtook another vehicle at a high speed around Bangla area in Rongai and hit a bump, causing the matatu to roll four times.

She was thrown out of the rolling matatu and when it eventually halted, it landed on her crushing her body badly.

The late Josephine Vero Nasimiyu. PHOTO | COURTESY
The late Josephine Vero Nasimiyu. PHOTO | COURTESY

Her husband told Nairobi News that she was first treated at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Ongata Rongai branch before being transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital .

“At KNH she was admitted while being prepared for surgery scheduled for Friday (December 15) when her second CT Scan indicated that her cerebral edema (brain swelling) was worsening and that she needed urgent surgery.

“She underwent a four hour operation on Saturday evening and at 1am I received a text from the surgeon that it had been successful and she was recovering at the ICU,” Mr Otieno recounted.

The father of one spent Sunday morning with their daughter Imora before he went to the ICU to check on Vero.

“She was recovering well, everything looked fine much as she had been heavily sedated to aid the recovery process. I left the hospital later that evening and on Monday as I was on my way to the hospital, I received a text from our Aunt who had gone in earlier…Vero had passed away at 11:17am,” Mr Otieno narrated.

The widower David Otieno. PHOTO | COURTESY
The widower David Otieno. PHOTO | COURTESY

The widower was left with a sh529, 081 bill.

NHIF paid sh32, 000 and he managed to offset some amount leaving a balance of Sh379, 081.

“I do not want her body to lie at the mortuary for long as she had written that it is cold and lonely there. I need to raise the funds and give her a decent burial as soon as I can,” a grief stricken Otieno said.

Well-wishers can assist by sending donations via Paybill number 598406 or to Otieno’s M-Pesa number 0722125005.

Vero will be buried at Nyakach, Kisumu County, after the family clears the hospital bill and raises funds for her funeral.