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City lawyer seeks to book Malia for marriage during Obama visit

When US President Barack Obama announced his Kenya visit in March, most Kenyans and the world looked forward to what the tour would bring to global entrepreneurship.

But this is the least of the expectations for young lawyer Felix Kiprono, whose heart is throbbing for only one thing: Malia Obama’s hand in marriage once she grows up.

Kiprono, who is pursuing a master’s degree in law at Oxford University in the UK, says his mission is to ensure “Kenyan blood returns home”, in reference to President Obama, whose father, Barack Obama Sr, was Kenyan.

The 24-year-old shot to fame early this year when he moved to the High Court to have Deputy President William Ruto sworn in as President after President Kenyatta left the country to attend his case at ICC.

This time, Kiprono has fired a long shot and requested President Obama to come with Malia so that he can officially make his wishes known to both father and daughter.

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