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City hawker’s anguish speaks of the hard times under Jubilee

A city hawker’s sentiments on the rising cost of living has been shared widely through a viral video.

The woman was filmed lamenting to journalists how the country has become unfavorable to live in.

Among her main economic troubles are hiked rent, increased fares, children to feed and school fees to pay. She also cited the recent increase in fuel prices that has increased the cost of basic commodities and services.

She lamented how as a hawker she has resolved to only do business for four hours a day due to numerous arrests by city council askaris.

“Tunaelekea wapi hii nchi sasa? Tutahama ama tutafanya nini? Ama watueke kwa lorry watumwage kule watatumwaga,” she said.


Her pain was shared by other Kenyans who commented that it was time for the Jubilee regime to make policies that will make life bearable in Kenya.

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, who commented on the video, said there is need for the country’s leadership to engage economic experts.

She wrote; “Kenya will gradually & surely move towards issue based politics. The lifeline towards tribal and partisan based politics is slowly but surely coming to an end. The voices of the masses can no longer be ignored. Politicians need to engage Economic experts and do more for Kenyans.”

Here is the video that’s has been shared widely.