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City Hall seeks Uhuru’s help to secure Nairobi Dam title deed

Rehabilitation of Nairobi Dam has stalled due to lack of a land title deed, City Hall officials have said.

The county government has cited frustration and bureaucracy at the Land ministry offices as the main impediment to acquiring the document.

City Hall is now seeking intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta to help speed up acquisition of the title deed for the 84-acre piece of land. The county government plans to convert part of the land into a recreational park.


On Thursday, deputy governor Jonathan Mueke said they had sought the help of Mr Kenyatta to help speed up the acquisition process.

“We have experienced delays at the Land office and we believe that the President’s authority can help quicken the process of acquiring the title,” said Mr Mueke.

He said that restoration efforts could not begin without the title because City Hall does not have funds to drive the project and is relying on independent financiers.

“Every investor that the county has approached is requesting proof of land ownership before they can commit money,” he said.


The county’s plan to rehabilitate the dam is the fourth such attempt in recent years after previous plans failed to bear fruit.

It is estimated that the Nairobi Dam restoration project will cost more than Sh1 billion and will involve cleaning up the water reservoir, reviving a sailors’ club, building an artisans market and world class hotels and restaurants.

Mr Mueke said that the recreational park will bring additional income to the county government from investors and tourists.

He said that it will also create thousands of jobs.

“We will pursue the title deed relentlessly because we believe that building the park will bring immense benefits to the people of Nairobi and additional resources to the county government,” he said.