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City Hall is full of old, unskilled workers – official

An official in charge of the worforce at City Hall has openly lamented that the county government is staffed by an aging and unskilled personnel.

Out of the over 14,000 workers in its payroll, 8,400 have bare minimum education and mostly perform unskilled labor.

Only 240 workers are professionals namely engineers, architects and lawyers, the chairman of the county’s Public Service Board Mr Philip Kungu told Nairobi News.

And even after clearing ghost workers from the payroll, the workforce at City Hall remains unsustainable.

Mr Kungu said the workforce comprises of people inherited from the national government whose functions were devolved in the new constitution.


“The composition of the staff that we have here is a serious issues. We require necessary competency and skills and we have a situation where 70 per cent have bare minimum education with only primary education and are over 55 years,”said Mr Kungu.

He said the unskilled workers consume a larger chunk of resources in terms of salaries.

Mr Kungu said the county government is struggling to pay salaries because it only receives Sh900 milion from the national government and the channels of revenue collection fall far short of the targets.

He added that City Hall lack’s supervisors which has in turn allowedt laxity among workers who abscond duties despite receiving salaries.