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CITY GIRL: Here are my 25 resolutions after turning 25

On December 9, I turned 25. How time flies! A quarter of my life already gone! As colleague Philo of Buzz told me, I will no longer be referred to as young woman in her early twenties but a one in her late twenties!

Because it’s Thursday 4:58pm and I have a date in an hour, I will go straight to my 25 resolutions.

1. Get a boyfriend. I’m told there is more to weekends than lazing in the house binge watching Covert Affairs and guzzling litres of ice cream.

2. Be nicer to people, especially men my age. Maybe I should cut these 29-year-old Subaru driving and i-phone wielding men some slack. I’ll refrain from insulting.

3. Date a man in my age group as part of City Girl’s Corporate Social Responsibility! Dating the less fortunate is my contribution!

4. Be a better driver. I was arrested many times for traffic offences, to my mother’s chagrin. I don’t know how she finds out.

5. Respond to SMS, WhatsApp messages and return calls.

6. Stop judging people based on their weight and pretend that it is none of my business when people are obviously very fat.

7. Stop staring at people in restaurants and analysing their dress code. I discovered my subjects get uncomfortable.

8. Stop SMSing and WhatsApping married men.

9. Go to church more and resume my duties as a Sunday School teacher. I did that once upon a time and it was perhaps my most fulfilling job.

10. Exercise more. Cycling on weekends is good but I need to step up my game. Maybe I should take up running late, jumping to conclusions, pushing my luck, dodging responsibility and carrying things too far.

11. Banish red velvet cakes, vanilla ice-cream and over-sweetened juices from the fridge and replace them with veges and fruits. Hahaha, Who am I kidding?

12. Stay away from drunk friends, especially those who want to break my alcohol virginity.

13. See a dentist about this problematic tooth. Ouch!

14. Read more biographies and less fiction. No James Patterson. But it is only fair that I finish this pile I bought the other day, no?

15. Learn to cook exotic meals. Those dishes you cook with wine. This might impress some guy.

16. Put to good use the bikinis and swimsuits I collected in the last year by learning to swim.

17. Start writing a book and blog more often. I have always wanted to be those untidy novelists who spend mornings in bed and afternoons in coffee shops with huge headphones pretending to write, only to get inspired late at night.

18. Finish school. This degree course is long overdue.

19. Sleep more especially on weekdays.

20. Transform this column into something else as I can’t be a city girl forever.

21. Wear longer dresses and skirts.

22. Travel more now that my school workload is less.

23. Attend those short courses to improve my writing skills.

24. Be a better journalist and do stories that keep people talking for ages.

25. Finally, learn not to give a damn about what people think.

Happy birthday to me!