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Crime rate down in wake of anti-terror raids, police

The ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants has drastically reduced crime in  the city, police say.

The operation has also led to the arrest of suspects on the run, Police spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki said.

“At least five suspects who had jumped bail have also been arrested and taken to court,” Ms Mboroki said.

“The operation aims at reducing crime and not just terror,” she said.

At least six government departments are involved. Police, who play a major role in the door-to-door searches, work with other teams, she said.

Each team is made of an armed party and the search party, led by a senior officer.

Crime involvement

The officers search for weapons, stolen goods, drugs and any other thing that may point to crime involvement.

Initial interrogation and verification of documents are done at the scene where the suspects have been found.

If not satisfied, the officers escort the suspects to the vetting centre at Kasarani Stadium, which has been gazetted as a police station.


After that they are divided into groups of 17 and taken to separate rooms where fingerprinting and photographing is done.

These are compared to the available data by the officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The Immigration department, said Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Lenku, is also involved in establishing if the arrested suspects’ travel documents are authentic.