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Ngara demolitions: City askaris target kiosks built on bus terminal

Nairobi City County government has embarked on demolition of illegal structures built on bus termini along major highways in the county.

According to City Hall deputy director of enforcement Mr Peter Mbaya, the exercise is aimed at restoring the original space allocated to public bus termini in order to allow for free flow of traffic.

“We are demolishing the structures that have been illegally put up by business people in those termini in order to ease matatu movement in the affected termini, ” said Mr Mbaya on Tuesday.

He said that the first area of call was Ngara area where several illegal structures have been brought down with the next place being Park Road area.

“We are already done with Ngara area and we are now in Park road. We intend to carry out the demolitions in all the bus termini around the city,” he said.

Mr Mbaya said that in Muranga A and B termini the enforcement team has demolished over 120 structures and with 40 such structures also brought down in Park Road area.


He said that the affected traders had been warned three months ago and last week City Hall reminded them again severally.

“We gave them notice. Two weeks ago we did remind them. This was a follow up to the three months notice we had issued,” he said

Mr Mbaya said the field that the affected individuals were operating in is meant for matatu terminus and not for business.

“We cannot allow structures being erected just anywhere as it will lead to a disorganised and chaotic Nairobi.

“There is a plan to be followed and there are designated areas for each and every activity,” he said.

The deputy director said that the exercise will on Wednesday move to Muthurwa, central bus station and railways termini.