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Ciru Muriuki finally shares her big Covid-19 secret

BBC journalist Ciru Muriuki has revealed that her father died from Covid-19 as she urged her fellow Kenyans to take the disease very seriously.

Ciru, who lost her father to Coronavirus in August, revealed that she also contracted the virus at some point but got healed.

“Now, if you didn’t know, let me share this with you. My father was taken away from us by COVID-19. I also tested positive for the virus. This has been the most traumatic time ever for us. My dad was a vibrant, jovial, loving, active man. He had diabetes but it was under control. At 71, he was the heart, the bedrock of our family. But a week after being admitted, he was gone,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Ciru’s post, she said, followed a conversation she had with a doctor friend who works at the ICU at Nairobi Hospital, who attended to her father when he contracted Covid-19.

“My friend tells me that people of all ages are catching this thing and dying. Health workers are overwhelmed. This thing will get worse before it gets better,” she said.

She urged members of the public to strictly adhere to Covid-19 guidelines at a time the country is reporting a sharp rise in the number of positive cases.

“A vaccine has been announced. But try and imagine how long it will be before it gets to Kenya. Richer countries will get doses before we do. So please. In the meantime, please please be careful. Wear your masks COVERING YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH, not under your chin. Stay away from large gatherings. Wash and sanitize your hands. I would not wish what we are going through on my worst enemy,” Ciru added.