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Helicopter of Christ Church leader under fire

A pastor accused of charging his flock Sh3,600 a head to reveal whether they would go to heaven or hell, told this week of his personal fortune.

Pastor Thomas Wahome of Helicopter of Christ Church vehemently denied claims that he earned millions of shillings a month, saying he was earning only a modest Sh40,000.

“The money doesn’t come to me, it is collected by the chairman of the church every Friday and Sunday and used to buy food and personal effects for the elderly and the widowed in our church,” declared Pastor Wahome.

He went on: “The church committee, which controls all the finances, pays me a meagre Sh40,000 per month which is enough to sustain my lifestyle.”

Asked how he managed to pay his former wife Sh60,000 every month as upkeep for their two children and drive a classy Range Rover, Pastor Wahome maintained he had other businesses that brought in extra cash.

“The house I live in is located in Lang’ata and is owned by the church,” he said. “The car I drive is owned and fuelled by the church as well. The 30 founders of this church are in control of the finances, not me.”

He blamed his former wife Leah Mueni Kasyoka for what he called “damaging allegations” that he was charging church members Sh3,600 to reveal to them whether they would go to Heaven or endure the torments of Hell.

But even as he denied the allegations, a senior female cleric in the church, Pastor Salome, maintained that one must part with that amount to know their destiny.

“You must come with Sh1,100 to book an appointment with the pastor, an additional Sh1,500 to confirm if your name is in the Book of Life. On top of that, you must also add Sh1,000 because even the Bible says that you should not appear before the Lord empty-handed,” she said.

But Pastor Wahome was quick to explain that monies collected during appointments were channeled back to church projects and not to his own pocket.

He complained that the numbers in his congregation have slightly fallen since the reports of his charges and wealth but said his followers knew he was not a conman.

“A lot of people have been sending me abusive short text messages on my phone asking me why I am conning people. But my followers know the truth. They know I am not a conman,” he said.

One follower, Mr Patrick Musyoka, said he was an avid follower of the pastor’s teaching and that he had to be in the church every lunch time to ask the pastor to tell him what he should do concerning everything.

“Like last week, he asked me not to travel home as someone had a wicked plan against me. I heeded his advice,” he said.

Another follower, Ms Joyce Nduku, said she had started rearing quails and had decided to first give something to the church before she began her business.

“I have to give at least 10 percent to the church after every month’s earning both from business and in employment. Even if at the end of the month, I am deducted a lot of money and I am remaining with only the tithe, I will still give it all,” she said.

Pastor wahome has remarried to Berita Wahome and they have a one-year-old daughter.  Berita is also a pastor and a member of the church.

His church, he said, had acquired land in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slums where it was building a new church.

“We will move there once it is complete later this year and we expect to have more followers,” said Pastor Wahome.