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How to choose the best MC for your end year events

December is the month of events and one key person who can make or break end year parties, graduation parties and weddings is a Master of Ceremony.

Here are some thoughts from a Nairobi based Master of Ceremony Stanley Ndeto on what to consider when selecting an MC for your events.

1. Experience
Based on an MC’s experience in handling the type of event you are hosting, he can advise on the day’s programme. Ensure you see samples of their work in form of video clips and testimonials from previous clients. MCs are specific in events they handle. For instance, MC Stanley’s experienceis in corporate events and weddings, while other MCs are experienced in other events.

2. Humour
With entertainment, comes humour. An MC should be able to know the kind of jokes for various audiences. Not all jokes are appropriate and understandable to certain age groups. MC Stanley advises hosts to look for someone who knows how to treat the older generation with respect, while still balancing to ensure both the aged and the young enjoy the day.

3. Integrity
Consider working with someone who keeps their word and is honest. It is important to ensure the MC you settle for is courteous, respectful, honest and disciplined so as not to rub your guests the wrong way.

4. Audience type
Choose someone who resonates with the type of guests attending the event. A young MC for instance is best for an audience made up of young people. For an event to be attended by the elderly, the person has to be within their age group or mature enough to understand them.

5. Good communicator
A Master of Ceremony should be able to communicate clearly to the audience. In case anything goes wrong, he can correct it smartly in a way the guests won’t notice. Remaining calm when things are not right ensures a solution is quickly found and communicated to the guests.

6. Approachable and flexible
The best MC works according to the programme agreed upon with the hosts. If anything has to change, he consults and does not run the show alone. You need to check if the person is a team player and is able to work with other key people coordinating the event. An MC works closely with Deejays, so getting one who has a disk jockey they work with makes the event seamless.

7. Performer
An MC who cannot entertain will not make the day a success. Check if the person can dance, has a great taste of music and knows how to psych-up the audience. The audience copies what the MC does when it comes to entertainment.

8. Good time manager
Running an event’s programme entails managing time well. Key considerations should be if the MC is able to make the event flow smoothly and is able to offer guidelines on speeches or guest artistes invited. MC Stanley says he ensures this is done well by briefing the speakers and performers in advance on the time allocated to them and when they are almost overrunning he signals them.

9. Good grooming
MCs should be smart and not exaggeratedly dressed. For young men, oversize chains are a no, no. Guests who are irked will concentrate on criticising the dressing and not the information being passed.

10. Creative
Creativity is what differentiates MCs. Let’s face it, everyone can talk but not everyone can creatively pass information and make an event memorable. Fusing music and talk can only be effectively done if one is creative.