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Chinese suspects arrested in Runda ‘to plead guilty’

Forty Chinese nationals accused of providing unlicensed telecommunication services in Nairobi may plead guilty to the charges.

The group, the second one after 37 Asians were arraigned last week for similar charges, were presented before a magistrate in Nairobi on Monday.

The prosecution told the court the defence had indicated that the 40 suspects may plead guilty to operating radio equipment without a licence.

“We have received an indication from the defence that the accused are likely to plead guilty and we therefore seek that this plea be deferred to Friday,” said Mr Dancun Ondimu, the prosecutor.

He asked the court to allow his team to charge them this Friday, since a translator had not been found.

Resident Magistrate Pamela Mugure postponed the plea-taking and ordered the suspects to be held in custody until Friday, when they will answer to the charges.

Both groups of foreigners were arrested at a residence in Runda Estate, Nairobi, following a fire. Police claim they may have been involved in bank fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes.