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How Chinese fish, chicken, eggs will soon be locked out of Kenyan market

For a long time Kenyans have complained about Chinese nationals doing jobs in the country which could be done by citizens.

However, that narrative could soon change, if a Bill proposed by Mathira Member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua is adopted by parliament and assented into law by the president.

In the Bill, which will be tabled in Parliament this coming week, Gachagua seeks to restrict Chinese firms and other foreign companies from getting contracts or tenders worth less than Sh1billion.


“They have taken over everything and all the money has ended up in China. Gentlemen of the press this people have become so bold that they are even bringing food stuff, they are importing chicken that has been frozen for one year, they bring eggs, they bring fish, they bring everything. We have to stop them,” a visibly frustrated Gachagua told journalists early this week.

The bill will also recommend stiff penalties for Kenyan citizens who will be found guilty of being used by the Chinese to open up firms on their behalf.


The tabling of the bill in Parliament comes at a time when there has been an increasing public uproar over the Chinese’ infiltration of all levels of the Kenyan economy, including small scale ventures such as hawking.

President Kenyatta Uhuru, himself is on record for wondering how the Chinese have even gotten to a point of importing fish to Kenya yet the water bodies in the country have the capacity to produce enough fish.