Viewers of ‘The Trend’ on NTV are in for a major treat as the show welcomes a new host tonight (Friday) at 10pm.

The show has been without a permanent host since June after Larry Madowo quit.

Head of television at NMG Justus Tharao said during tonight’s Reveal Party, NTV will reveal a new and amazing host and a very lit artist line-up and many giveaways including a trip to watch Formula One in Dubai.

He added that the new host brings a wealth of experience to the show.

“Our new presenter is a hustler, a go-getter who is all about getting that money…. A radio and TV personality who commands presence amongst a diverse audience, and has proven without a doubt that she reigns supreme in all she does,” Tharao told Nairobi News.

On his last day, Larry Madowo said that everyone on television every Friday evening was trying to do exactly what he was doing and that is the reason he was leaving the popular show.

“You know what, I thought about it and said if you look at Friday night television in Kenya now, everybody is trying to do what I’ve done. Yes, I said it. Everybody is trying to do what Larry Madowo has done.

“They are copying ‘The Trend’, everybody in every channel. I think I can’t compete with my students anymore. People are trying to be me, so it’s time to move on. That’s the simple reason,” he explained.

‘The Trend’ has since been hosted by former Nation FM presenter Ciru Muriuki, Hot 96’s Cindi Ogana, Capital FM’s Anita Nderu, funnyman Dr King’ori and Njambi Koikai.

Njambi is now battling a chronic illness and is scheduled to leave for the United States for specialised treatment.