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Sauti Sol blast Ezekiel Mutua as ‘Melanin’ video hits a million views

Members of Sauti Sol have accused moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua of double standards after he locked out their latest jam ‘Melanin’ from day time TV.

The song’s video has already hit one million views on YouTube in a week since its release.

Last  Thursday, just three days after the Afro-fusion boys band had dropped the song, the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive issued a statement terming its video  as gross and not fit to be watched by children.

“…Melanin video is gross and not suitable for children. It also objectifies women under the guise of black beauty. This is objectionable as it attacks the dignity of women” Mr Mutua said.

Mr Mutua had three years ago banned another Sauti Sol’s video ‘Nisheke’ from being aired locally.

Reacting to Mr Mutua’s position, Savara Mudigi a member of the quartet band accused the KFCB of poor leadership and double standards.


He questioned their songs are being targeted while no action is taken on raunchy video released by other artistes.

“It’s sickening to see the double standards in our society because when you look at the videos that are being aired on national TV and everywhere, don’t they follow the law, because I see videos of foreign acts, big acts like Nicki Minaj showing you know, but anyway yoh!” a pissed off Mudigi wondered.

On his part, Bien Baraza wants the moral policeman to understand that the world has changed and not all Sauti Sol songs are meant for everyone as Mr Mutua seems to think.

“I understand where he (Mutua) is coming from with his moral stand which is fine and I didn’t know we were breaking the law expressing ourselves in that nature. But all I can say is, we are in a different time, a different era and this generation speaks a different language maybe from the one Kenya has been speaking for a long time. And all our content is not going to be for family viewing and it’s up to the parents to regulate what’s their children view,” Baraza