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Why I have not been in a relationship for the last five years, Sanaipei

Musician Sanaipei Tande has opened up on why she has not been in the dating scene for the last five years.

During an interview on Ebru TV, Sana said her previous relationship with Andrew Manga, a musician and pilot, lasted six years and when it ended she realized she was too committed for her age.

She added that once the relationship ended, she audited the six years and realized that she came out with nothing.

She is now ficussed to work on herself.

“I loved him, still actually love him, not I love with him but I love him and I would still do things for him and with him,” she said.

Sana stated that she discovered that she was too committed and ended up not working on her personal projects hence the move to stay single.

“I want to work on my projects including the completion of my house. Like I said, I will not get a child and raise them in a rental house,” said Sana.

Sanaipei and Manga were the perfect showbiz couple until they ended their six year-old relationship.

Manga said his relationship was affected by his tight schedule, while Sana said she lost herself in the relationship too much.