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King Kaka hunting for city street boy who wowed Twitter with rap skills – VIDEO

Rapper King Kaka wants to meet a Nairobi street boy who dazzled the online community with his rap skills.

The street boy was captured in a video interview pleading for an opportunity to record a hit.

His other wish, was to work with the “Kula Vako’ singer, whom he described as talented and selfless.

“Nikipata msee anapeleke studio maze kazi itakuwa kwangu naweza furahia sana.

“Kuna wasanii ningependa kufanya nao… collabo King Kaka. Huyo msee huchapanga ma spoken word fiti halafu unacheki hananga hizi maringo, huyo msee anakuanga fiti maze,” said the street boy amid sniffs on his bottle.

He then goes ahead to show his rap skills with a short performance.

The video that has since gone viral reached King Kaka. He now wants Kenyans online to help him find the street boy.

“I am looking for him,” wrote King Kaka.

Kenyans on Twitter responded.

“Ntalipa studio borake ikue Kaka Empire studio,” said aggrey macheda.

“He comes at my working place daily.In town CBD,” wrote mariahkellymambo.

“Hapo kwa hana maringo is 💯 hope you find him,” commented millychebby.

“So true … you are of altruistic nature and notably a humble soul gifted with art and kindness towards others. Saidia kijana. You are his inspiration and most definite an inspiration to the rest of us. Keep soaring high and May God continue to bless you in abundance,” said isahamaz.

“Bro unapendwa na mayut sana…those are blessings… They from the most high,” remarked Steve kyrimi.

This is not the first time an artiste has stretched a hand to a street boy.

In 2016, gospel singer Mercy Masika took in a boy who was recorded singing to her song “Mwema”. She found him in Kisumu and is now in Nairobi under her care.

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I am looking for him.

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