Comedian Eric Omondi on stage. PHOTO | COURTESYComedian Eric Omondi on stage. PHOTO | COURTESY

Comedian Eric Omondi on Tuesday shocked his followers on Instagram by posting a video of his pussy cat, well how do we say this nicely, pooping.

The video was to celebrate his successful efforts at toilet training his cat.

The video begins with Eric creeping to the toilet, puts on the light to show a cat hoisted on top of the toilet seat as it pooped.

“Ohhh YES!!! I DID IT!!! She NOW knows where to go and does it on her own,” commented Eric.

Netizens expressed mixed reactions after watching the video, many wondering how the comedian was able to pull off the feat.

Here are some of their comments.

“Are you for real bro!” said Jonah Mkare.

“Wewe Erico patia Smoothie some water she is constipated,” said Wanjiru.jessi.

“Woooow such a brave cat,” said Mercy Ndemo.

“si nilisema tu… kuokota paka jini mombasa.. This is a not a cat aiiiiiii,” said Eddahwanyoike.

Hope inajua kutumia tissue,” said V.wambui.

Hiyo nimekataa Eric that is not a cat,” said puritywanjiku880.

“Teach her to flash the bathroom after she is done am sure she will get it,” said lydiamwang.

“This should go to Guinness book of records,” said lenaleft.

“Next time this cat will be taking,” said peshschwaller.