DJ Hypnotic with his baby mama Renee Wambui and their son Ayden. PHOTO | COURTESYDJ Hypnotic with his baby mama Renee Wambui and their son Ayden. PHOTO | COURTESY

DJ Hypnotic’s baby mama, Renee Wambui, has narrated her near-death experience at the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Renee, who has been co-parenting with the DJ since 2016 when their relationship ended, wrote how her mother pleaded with God to spare her life.

She narrated how she watched a patient die during her stay in the HDU and how she couldn’t help but wonder if she was next in line.

Doctors had told Renee who was undergoing child birth related complications and that only God would save her life.

“I mean seeing a group of top of the top medical specialists call my family members in a room while I was in HDU (High Dependency Unit) showed they were being prepared for my death and their facial reactions after leaving the room was proof enough that only God could work a miracle. Everyone praying, doctors and nurses coming to pray for me after their shifts was scary,” Renee wrote.


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“3am I watched someone cough and die and sadly my nosey self chose to watch the whole ordeal. Was I next? My praying mother and aunt chose to sleep in the car and endure the cold praying for me to stay alive and in the morning all doctors could say was that only God spared my life. For that night in the cold car my mother suffers an everlasting blood clot in her leg and she thinks I do not know the cause,” she further narrated.

The mother of one had been diagnosed with caecal perforation and had to undergo three surgeries.

While celebrating her son’s third birthday on November 4, Renee narrated in her blog how she was in pain after her C-section to the point that she could not breastfeed or see her son and had to be updated on his well-being via photos and videos.

“I started this blog to encourage someone but most importantly to create awareness that child-birth complications death is real and many mothers do not get an opportunity of seeing their children grow up, I am blessed because I get to see mine turn 3 years,” she wrote.